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Oh Westy - Misha Collins x Reader - Part 5
Oh Misha - Misha Collins x Reader (Oh Westy - Part 5)
You quickly made your way out of the house desperately needed to breath fresh air. Your heart was hammering in your chest and you felt as if your whole body was on fire. Your vision was blurry because of the tears but you did not see Vicki's car next to yours which meant that she had already left. Not that you cared anymore. Your stomach felt so tight and heavy that you really thought you might had caught a cold.
You started taking in deep breaths, trying your best to calm down. The silence that had surrounded you was only being broken from your heavy breathing and-
Misha's voice.
"(Y/n)!" he exclaimed as soon as he saw you, but you really felt in no mood facing him so instead you turned and made your way to your car.
"No, (Y/n) no! Please wait! (Y/n), please!" his frantic voice could be heard coming all the more close to you until of course he caught up with you.
He took hold of your arm and spoon you around so that you were
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Oh Westy - Misha Collins x Reader - Part 4
No Maison, no - Misha Collins x Reader (Oh Westy - Part 4)
"No Maison, no" you breathed out.
"Mom!" she said with a giggle, jumping slightly on her chair, her hands always extended towards you to pick her up.
The smile had faded completely from your face and you were taking in deep breaths trying to keep the tears that had welled up in your eyes from rolling.
"She wants you to pick her up. Come on (Y/n)!" Vicki said, the smile never leaving her face.
It was weird, though. Had she not realized that Maison was calling you mom instead of her?
"Mom" the little girl repeated, making weird motions with her hands towards you. Always ready for you to pick her up.
Vicki laughed again, her eyes never leaving her daughter "Oh wait till Misha hears this!" she said excitedly.
"He was so sure that her first word was going to be dad, like West's. Can't wait to tell him." she laughed and kissed her daughter's cheek, Maison's eyes never leaving you but the smile that was previously on her face w
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Oh Westy - Misha Collins x Reader - Part 3
Oh Maison - Misha Collins x Reader (Oh Westy - Part 3)
"Vicki?" you breathed out, finding it almost impossible to believe that she was standing in front of you.
"Hey (Y/n)" he said with a warm smile that made you feel a little bit more at ease.
"How are you?" she asked again after of course giving you a hug. She was always so friendly to you, even though you didn't know her all that well. At least compared to Misha that was your best friend, of course. You did know her for a long time, of course, even before the divorce and you could say that you went along really well.
"Wha- Uh well, yeah I'm fine. Good, really, thanks" you breathed out stuttering, finding yourself actually lost as to what to say "How are you?" you tried to smile but it came off as awkward.
"Good, good. Thank you" she said and you couldn't help but shift a little bit uncomfortably when you felt her eyes linger on you, examining you from head to toes. She was looking at you with a curious look in her eyes, as if
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Oh Westy - Misha Collins x Reader - Part 2
No Westy, no - Misha Collins x Reader (Oh Westy - Part 2)
"No Westy, no!" you exclaimed through giggles as the young boy kept jumping up and down on your bed - or more like Misha's bed.
You had been sleeping peacefully in Misha's bed and had woken up when you heard little bare footsteps on the floor and then tiny arms grabbing pieces of tangled hair out of your face. You didn't open your eyes and tried to prevent yourself from smiling because you knew very well who it was. You felt his face close to yours and heard his voice whispering to you, asking if you were awake or not. You did not respond which of course lead West to shaking you to get you to 'wake up'. But you pretended to still be asleep nonetheless. Needless to say one thing lead to another and soon - once he realized you were awake - you had a little boy jumping up and down, trying to get you to get up from bed.
"But come ooooon!" he whined trying to take the blankets off you. He grasped onto them tightly with his sma
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Oh Westy - Misha Collins x Reader
Oh Westy - Misha Collins x Reader
"Oh Westy, come on!" you whined a little bit moving the spoon towards the young boy's mouth.
"No, I don't like it" West frowned and, crossing his arms, pursed his lips. Though it looked more like he was pouting.
"Oh come one Westy, please. You have to eat it. Please, for me" you gave him a small smile as he seemed that he was about to give in.
He looked at the spoon and the plate with the soup in front of him. You smiled encouragingly and moved the spoon a little closer to him. Just as he seemed about to give in, he shook his head and turned it to look at the other direction.
"No" he said and his frown got more deep. It was adorable, you had to admit it. Everything about the little boy was adorable. Everything about him reminded you of his father. His father that, you could not deny it to yourself, you had deep feelings for.
"Come on West. Even Maison has eaten her food" you said and he glanced at his little sister that you had long ago fed and
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